Alpine farms of the Carnic and Julian Pre-Alps

The farms of this area are located on the mountains overlooking the Tagliamento river, some at the feet of Monte Plauris, others at the feet of Monte Verzegnis, of Monte Cuar or of Monte Cuarnan, further south. The vicinity to the Cornino repopulation centre make these pastures a place often frequented by griffons that sail around these majestic peaks overlooking the plains of Friuli.


From Mongranda, following the CAI trail no. 806 you can reach the Val dairy hut; opposite it, Eastward, on the South-Western side of Monte Lovinzola you can see the "Crist di Val" grotto. Its walls and part of the vault are almost completely covered with engravings and bas-reliefs. In the past it ... 

Monte Cuar

The panoramic view that you enjoy from Monte Cuar embraces the whole plains of Friuli and, on particularly clear days, you can glimpse the sea. Griffons wheel around this area and you can find ponies in the wild (the Konics) 


It is located in an area which is famous for its many botanical varieties. Monte Cuarnan is a large grassy pyramid from which the eye can freely roam over the entire Friuli, at its top lies the Chiesetta del Redentore. 


Along the historic mule track that from the Confin farm descends to Venzone lies the characteristic 15th-century small church dedicated to St. Anthony, who is traditionally viewed as the protector of cattle and of travellers.