All the hogback of the mountains Neddis - Dimon - Paularo, which overlooks the pasture, is historically interesting for the works dating back to the Great War. This is the only Alpine farm that carries out its agricultural activities throughout the year. Near the farm lies the castle of Valdajer (now a hotel-restaurant) built in 1460 by Konrad IV von Kraig, a baron of the Holy Roman Empire.



Ligosullo (Ud)

From Paluzza you can reach Ligosullo and, past the village, follow the signs for the Valdaier Castle; here you turn right, then left and in a short time you reach the Valdaier Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)



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Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale


You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period

And then...

Walking on beyond the hut, the path allows the Montute di Mezzo Alpine farm to be reached, then to climb up the Monte Dimon and the namesake lake. Leaving the Montute di Mezzo hut on the right, you can continue, passing by Casera Culet and the Dimon farm, before climbing to Casera Montelago and descending to the Dimon lake. From here, on the road, you can drive back to the Valdaier castle.

Downhill you find Treppo Carnico, a village which is very sensitive to culture, since it hosts the "Enrico De Cillia" Modern Art Gallery. It was founded in 1975 after the painter and collectionist Enrico de Cillia gave 50 oil paintings made by the most famous artists of Friuli Venezia Giulia. later, new works enriched the collection. In particular, the gallery exhibits works by Giuseppe Zigaina, Toffolo Anzilquali, Giorgio Celiberti, Fred Pittino, Umberto Martina, Mario Sironi, Marino Marini, Aligi Sassu. There are also sculptures by Luciano Del Zotto, Benito Asquini and a bas-relief by Dino Basaldella. The gallery often hosts temporary art or photography shows as well.


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