Along the road that leads to the Alpine farms from Paularo, around 1 km after the "Maina della Schialute", a sign on the right marks the starting point of the short trail leading to the "Palma" – a formidable, century-old white fir included among the natural monuments of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Six plants have grown from the main stem – which was tilted by an unknown natural event – and today there are as many large century-old stems. In the various trails connecting the Alpine farms of Paularo, you can observe bushes of red currant, bilberry, and the wonderful rhododendron blooms. You can also watch ungulates and, in damp meadows and near groundwater discharges you often meet frogs, newts and fire salamanders. Sometimes the footprints left by a brown bear can also be seen and, going up the Chiarsò torrent, you can walk along the Forra di Las Callas gorge. Worth seeing in Paularo: Palazzo Calice-Screm, Palazzo Fabiani-Linussio, and Casa Calice-Gerometta. The Mozartina is also worth a visit: it is a small music museum with a refined collection of old instruments. For archaeology enthusiasts, the relics of a necropolis have recently been found in Misincinis. Near the Sella di Val Dolce you can see the evocative Grotta di Attila, a grotto in which an extremely rare primeval amphibian is said to live.



Paularo (Ud)

From Paularo, on a paved road you follow the signs toward Passo del Cason di Lanza; in Baita da Nelut you climb on the right along a very steep forest path leading up to the Zermula hut.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)


Municipality of Paularo (Ud)

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Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale


Rural tourism. You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period

And then...

Continuing along the road built during the First World War, you can reach the top of the panoramic Monte Zermula (2,143 m).


August - Mistirs: "Culture, traditions and old jobs from the Incarojo valley.

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