The rural tourism complex "Valli-Caulana" is in the Caltea valley along the road connecting Barcis with the Piancavallo plateau and is the result of a careful restoration of the old Alpine farming settlement. In the rocky pastures of the hogback it is not hard to encounter the edelweiss. This species, which has become the symbol of the Alpine environment, is in fact a plant coming from arid areas. Downhill, you can't miss a stopover at the Barcis lake.



Barcis (Pn)

From the Barcis lake (SS 251) you go past the dam, you skirt the lake along its southern banks and climb toward the Piancavallo plateau. After arriving at the fork at an altitude of 1,000 m, you turn right on a cart track, cross the Caltea torrent, pass by the Valli rural tourist farm and then reach the pasture and the buildings of the Caulana Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)


Municipality of Barcis (Pn)

Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 012 Alpago – Cansiglio Piancavallo – Valcellina


Rural tourism. You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period.

And then...

The place can be also directly reached from the Piancavallo plateau, descending on the road to the fork at an altitude of 1,000 m.


July - “Il Fondin”, flea market, “Artists in the streets”, “Canoeing for everybody”, Geotrekking. August – Prescudin’s yew, “A meeting with the stars”, “Voci di luoghi (Voices from places)”, “Barcis in Voga” and “Trieste – Zagreb Match” – canoeing events

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Dairy products sales


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