Collinetta di Sotto

Along the way you find some ancient inscriptions attesting the existence of the road (misnamed as “Via Julia Augusta”) that connected Aquileia with the Noricum through Passo di Monte Croce Carnico. Near the crossing place, on the Austrian side, the WWI emplacements have been recovered and an open-air history museum has been equipped, which stretches to the peaks of Pal Piccolo (1,866 m), Freikofel (1,757 m), and of Pal Grande (1,809 m). In Paluzza, in an area called Enfretors, you can see the 13th-century Moscarda tower, an ancient bastion of the efficient customs defensive system named "Castrum Moscardum". In Timau the "Fontanon”, a gorgeous perennial karst spring and the banned wood can be seen from the SS 52 bis road. The church of Cristo Re, which is particularly interesting both historically and religiously, houses a 3.3-ton wooden crucifix and the ossuary.



Paluzza (Ud)

From the yard's entrance of Passo di Monte Croce Carnico, you continue left along a dirt road and, in a few minutes, you can reach the Collinetta di Sotto Alpine farm nearby.

Access to the malga: Average (farm accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle)



Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale


You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period

And then...

From here you can follow westward the trail that leads to the road that allows you to reach the Val di Collina pasture, the Collina Grande farm, the Plotta farm, the Monumenz hut and the Marinelli shelter.

Before reaching Passo di Monte Croce Carnico, in Timau the "Fontanon”, a gorgeous perennial karst spring and the banned wood can be seen from the SS 52 state road. In the same village the church of Cristo Re is worth a visit: it is particularly interesting both historically and religiously, and houses a 15-m-long wooden crucifix, the ossuary and the museum "La Zona Carnia durante la Grande Guerra” (The Carnia Area during the Great War).

In Cleulis, after years of neglect, a group of volunteers refurbished and fixed up the rooms of the old dairy where milk was weighed and processed. They can be visited by appointment by phoning 3356100733.


August - "Cjarsons" Fest in Cleulis; Palio "das cjarogiules"; 15th August FERRAGOSTO TIMAVESE in Timau. September - Il Volo dell'Aquila (The eagle’s flight) - Erwin Maier Memorial.

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