From the farm you can admire the mighty rock face of the Creta della Chianevate (2,718 m), which overlooks the Creta dei Monumenz (monuments), owing its name to the characteristic erosions in the calcareous rocks marked by grooves. In Paluzza, in an area called Enfretors, you can see the Moscarda tower from the 13th century, an ancient bastion of the efficient customs defensive system name "Castrum Moscardum". In Timau the "Fontanon”, a gorgeous perennial karst spring and the banned wood can be seen from the SS 52 bis road. The church of Cristo Re, which is particularly interesting, both historically and religiously, houses a 3.3-ton wooden crucifix and the ossuary.



Paluzza (Ud)

You follow the same directions described for the Collina Grande farm, once you reach the fork beyond the Val di Collina hut, you go straight on and at the third hairpin bend turn left, after a short while you will catch sight of the Plotta hut.

Access to the malga: Average (farm accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle)


Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia Presidenza della Giunta Regionale Ufficio di Gabinetto -Trieste

Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale


You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period

And then...

Taking the main road again, which at its end becomes a mule track, you can climb up to the Marinelli shelter and then descend toward Casera Moraretto and to Collina di Forni Avoltri.


August - "Cjarsons" Fest in Cleulis; Palio "das cjarogiules"; 15th August FERRAGOSTO TIMAVESE in Timau. September - Il Volo dell'Aquila (The eagle’s flight) - Erwin Maier Memorial.

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