The farm was rebuilt after being destroyed by a snow slide in the 80’s. A large colony of groundhogs has settled on the pastures extending from the hut to the Marinelli shelter. The Marinelli shelter was built in 1901 and was dedicated to Giovanni Marinelli, a geologist and the first chairman of the Friulian Alpine Society (SAF) and to his son Olinto, himself a SAF chairman.



Forni Avoltri (Ud)

From Forni Avoltri you can climb up to the Tolazzi shelter, after going by the villages of Frassenetto, Sigilletto, Collinetta, and Collina. Then you can continue on a road with a stabilized roadbed leading to the Marinelli shelter, up to the Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)



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Tabacco n. 01 Sappada – S. Stefano - Forni Avoltri


Rural tourism. You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period.

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From the Moraretto hut the Marinelli shelter (2,111 m) can be reached on a road or on CAI trail no. 143, then you can descend to the Passo di Monte Croce Carnico by following CAI trail no. 148.

In the municipality of Forni Avoltri, Collina is particularly significant for the regional dairy sector since here, in 1881, the first cooperative rotating dairy was set up, whose building with the ancient sign is still standing.


July: Summer Biathlon World Championships. July-August: Berry Fruits Fest. August: Feast of St. Lawrence; Three lodges’ International Relay Race.

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