Malga Tuglia overlooks a wide view stretching from the Sappada hollow to the Monte Peralba group, from the Terze to Monte Popera in Comelico. Near the barn under the cliff there lies a small peat bog where two carnivorous plants can be admired: the sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) and the butterwort (Pinguicola vulgaris).



Forni Avoltri (Ud)

From Forni Avoltri you can continue towards Sappada for two kilometres until you encounter the first hairpin bend after the Biathlon Sports Centre. Just at the hairpin bend the cart track leading to the Tuglia farm begins on the left-hand side. The mountain pasture can also be reached walking from Cima Sappada (Belluno) following the forest track, which then becomes a trail a little before the Monte Siera chair lift.

Access to the malga: Average (farm accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle)


Municipality of Forni Avoltri (Ud)

Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 01 Sappada – S. Stefano - Forni Avoltri


You can taste the products of the farm in the months of July and August.

And then...

From the Tuglia Alpine farm a trail leads to the Cjampizzulon shelter (1,628 m), then to the Piani di Vas near Rigolato, or you can descend to Forni Avoltri following the forest path that passes by Malga Col Mezzodì Bassa.

In Forni Avoltri the "Cemùot chi erin" (How we were) ethnographic collection, where the tools of traditional crafts and trades are displayed and rooms and settings from the years from the 19th century to the second world war are reproduced, is worth a visit. You can visit the mines on Monte Avanza. While the Gracco “banned wood” – a wildlife sanctuary – and the Bordaglia lake are two further marvellous locations that can't be missed.


July: Summer Biathlon World Championships. July-August: Berry Fruits Fest. August: Feast of St. Lawrence; Three lodges’ International Relay Race.

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