Some way before Fielis, the road signs invite you to make a detour on the right to reach the "Polse di Cougnes", which offers accommodation and refreshment services and allows visiting the botanical garden, the astronomical observatory, the belfry for the "scampanotadòrs"' (bell ringers) school. A little further ahead lies the 15th-century Pieve di San Pietro, where every year, on the Ascension Day, the rite of "kissing the crosses" is celebrated. For those interested in archaeology, the Municipal Archaeological Museum "Iulium Carnicum" is worth a visit: here local archaeological finds are exhibited and you can visit the excavations of the ancient Roman town of Iulium Carnicum.



Zuglio (Ud)

From Zuglio (Julium Carnicum) you climb up to the Pieve di San Pietro in Carnia, past the hamlet of Fielis, then walk along the dirt road up to the Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Average (farm accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle)


Municipality of Zuglio (Ud)

Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale


You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period.

And then...

From the Dauda farm you can descend to Noiaris, a hamlet near Sutrio, or walk to the Meleit and Chias di Sopra dairy huts, to close the ring around Monte Dauda and go back to the dairy hut where you set out.


August - Archeologic August, kids at the museum

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