Glazzat Bassa

The Glazzat Bassa Alpine pastures are used at the beginning and end of the grazing period. Here thrive such species as the Alpine clover, the bearded bellflower, the wild geranium and various ferns. The Glazzat Alta pastures and hut structures (1,348 m), with its additional rural tourism activities, are part of this facilities.



Pontebba (Ud)

From Pontebba you follow the directions for Sella Cereschiatis; immediately after the pass you turn right and, on an occasionally steep forest road, you reach the Glazzat Bassa pastures. You can also reach Sella Cereschiatis from Moggio Udinese, after climbing up the whole Val Aupa.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)


Municipality of Pontebba (Ud)

Altitude (m.a.s.l.)



Tabacco n. 18 Alpi Carniche Orientali Canal del Ferro


You can taste the products of the farm from June to mid-July and then in September.

And then...

From the pasture you can reach Pontebba, Moggio Udinese and the Glazzat Alta hut.

Before climbing up to the pasture, you can stop over in Pontebba, where the parish church with the Flügelaltar, a wooden altar dated 1517, the town hall with the awesome façade and frescoes inside it and the gravestone for "Severilla", dating back to the Roman era, are all worth a visit. Other historically and architecturally interesting buildings are: Casa Micossi (18th century), Gaspero Rizzi's House (17th century), Casa Brunetti Bonfioli de' Cavalcabò (19th century), Casa Schiavi (19th century), and Casa Micossi Nassimbeni (19th century). In the village you cross the bridge on the Pontebbana torrent that divided Pontafel (Austria) from Pontebba (Republic of Venice). Its current structure was built in the 50s following its collapse, but the first written evidence of its existence date back to 1442. Furthermore, in 1969, in Piazza Garibaldi, a monument was erected for the centenary of the birth of the composer Arturo Zardini, famous for “Stelutis alpinis”.

In Moggio Udinese, instead, you can visit the abbey of San Gallo (1119) and the Palazzo delle Prigioni, an ancient medieval tower. In Val Aupa, an awesome valley rich in characteristic trails, the suburbs of Dordola and Bevorchians are worth a visit.


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