Holidays at an Alpine farm

Here is a proposal for all those who wish to experience the great regenerative “medicine” offered by the rhythms of life of the peculiar upland world. Whether traditional or modern, you are invited to climb up to an Alpine farm in the early morning so as to see and hear the cattle grazing and witness the processing of milk to produce butter, cheese and soft curd ("ricotta"). Milk products can be bought directly and the cheese-maker is always happy to quench any curiosity you might have. Remember that tastes and flavours change at every Alpine farms: why not searching for the “perfect taste”?

The younger visitors have also the opportunity to follow herdsman to the pasture and, under their safe and competent guide, appreciate blueberries and raspberries, know medicinal or culinary herbs and flowers, see or hear the true inhabitants of these places such as – to name just a few – eagles, chamois, roe deer, deer and groundhogs.

In addition to the accommodation available at every Alpine farm, which is specified on our website, you will find that at some structures you may savour traditional dishes and taste products of the mountains of Friuli, sleep, maybe in a sleeping bag, and thus enjoy an enchanting starry night with all its sounds.

Don’t forget, whether outward bound or on your way back, to visit the hamlets and villages from which you set out to climb to the farm with suitable means. These places, framed by mountains and woods of incomparable beauty, contain amazing curiosities and spots of historical and cultural interest.