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Before leaving always check whether the farm is open: phone the local information points or the Municipalities that own the farm. You can also read the ERSA web page specifically dedicated to Alpine dairy farms. The events described are subject to changes, therefore we recommend that you ... 


Always bring with you suitable clothing and shoes for hiking and walking. Be aware that the weather may change suddenly, the temperature may drop and rainstorms are not to be ruled out. 


Remember that, although all Alpine farms can be reached by car, sometimes you are asked to leave your car hundreds of meters from the structure. 


Not all roads leading to Alpine farms are paved, sometimes their slopes are steep and the carriageway may be narrow and uneven, so that they may only be driven on by using adequate means of transport. We remind you that transit is regulated by Regional Law 15/91. 


We recommend that you reach the Alpine farm early in the morning, so that you will be able to witness the milking and cheese making processes. 


This is an opportunity for children to take a closer look at dairy cattle: let them approach quietly and without shouting. Animals may easily become scared. 


Seize this opportunity to dive into nature: approach it with respect, avoid making too much noise, do not abandon waste around, respect flowers and plants, always keep your dogs on the leash because cattle grazing usually see them as threats. Although cows are peaceful animals, they may become very ... 


If you find yourself in need the number to call is 118. Note that sometimes in the mountains there is no telephone network coverage.