The Alpine farm lies within the Julian Pre-Alps Park, where a visitor centre (in Prato di Resia) and 5 information points offer plenty of information to familiarize yourselves with the protected area. An educational tour was set up near the farm. In Pian dei Ciclamini, the "Sentiero per tutti" (trail for everyone) is dedicated to hikes for disabled and visually impaired people.



Resia (Ud)

The Alpine farm can be reached from Resiutta, after crossing the entire Resia valley. Beyond the Stolvizza hamlet, you continue along the paved road for around six kilometres toward Coritis, where the road narrows and, after crossing the beech wood, you reach the Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Easy (farm accessible by car)


Municipality of Resia (Ud)

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Tabacco n. 027 Canin – Valli di Resia e Raccolana


Rural tourism. You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period.

And then...

The Alpine farm lies on the head of the valley; from here you can walk up to the CAI Manzano bivouac or to the top of Monte Guarda, on the Italian-Slovenian border (CAI trail no. 131).

Downhill, in Solvizza (Resia), you can visit the knife grinder museum, which shows the knife grinder's stock-in-trade: grindstones of various sizes, bicycles, old cutting objects and countless photographs.

Resiutta, instead, is home to the museum "L'attività mineraria del Rio Researtico a Resiutta" about mining on the Researtico river in Resiutta, which took place at the feet of Monte Plauris.


July - Feast of St. Ann; August – Feast of Coritis, Šmarna Miša Event at "Percorsi Stolvizza, trekking in the Juian pre-alps Natural Park

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