Alpine farms of the Julian Alps

The mountain groups of the Julian Alps are certainly among the most spectacular landscapes in our region: this area combines abundant rainfalls and a lack of water linked to widespread high-altitude karst features. The three parallel main valleys accommodate Alpine dairy farms on their tops – overlooked by jagged mountain peaks – where the ibex, re-introduced in the late 70's after its total extinction, is the undisputed king.


The name of the Alpine farm is linked to the Monte Santo di Lussari, on whose top a 16th-century sanctuary lies, whose origins date back to the miraculous finding of the sacred image of the Madonna by a herdsman from Camporosso. The church is also named "of the three peoples", since it is a place ... 


The Montasio plateau is the largest area devoted to mountain grazing in the whole region. The district includes the following Alpine farms: Cregnedul di Sopra, Larice, Parte di Mezzo and Pecol, where cheese-making and rural tourism activities are undertaken. The Montasio plateau, a place of ... 

Plan dei Spadovai

During WWI the hut was the military logistics centre of the valley. Near the farm a small church commemorates the fallen of the Gemona Battalion; there are also the relics of military shelters and a cavern known by the name of "Compagnia dei Briganti". 


The Alpine farm lies within the Julian Pre-Alps Park, where a visitor centre (in Prato di Resia) and 5 information points offer plenty of information to familiarize yourselves with the protected area. An educational tour was set up near the farm. In Pian dei Ciclamini, the "Sentiero per tutti" ...