Dirt roads may include fairly bumpy stretches, especially after unfavourable weather; in particular, the descent from the Corce saddle to the ruins of the Dolaces farmhouses. In the densely-growing brushwood shrubs lives a nice, peculiar animal: the dormouse, a small rodent of the Gliridae family with a bizarre tail which is longer than its body and moderately prehensile. This allows it to move acrobatically around bushes.



Zuglio (Ud)

From Tolmezzo you climb to Fusea and reach the Curiedi plateau. Following the main well-paved road, you cross the plateau and, at the hump, leave the road descending to Buttea to keep climbing on the right. After around five kilometres of a fairly gentle ascent the paved stretch ends and you continue on a dirt road to reach first Navantes di Sopra, then the clearly visible Alpine farm.

Access to the malga: Average (farm accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle)


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Tabacco n. 09 Alpi Carniche – Carnia Centrale Tabacco n. 013 Prealpi Carniche – Val Tagliamento


You can taste the products of the farm throughout the grazing period.

And then...

From Malga Corce you cross the namesake saddle, descend to the fork and, if you continue on the left, you arrive to Uerpa and Pesmulet or, if you turn right and go past the hamlets of Trischiamps, Val di Lauco and Vinaio, you reach Lauco.

The Lauco-Curiedi plateau, in particular, is a broad area characterized by hillocks, small valleys, springs and a mixed vegetation of fields, meadows and woods offering magnificent views. The site is also rich in natural rarities, such as peat bogs, i.e. water biotopes with carnivorous plants and autochthonous orchids.

Nearby lie noteworthy historical buildings and structures, such as the multi-period archaeological sites (traces) in Cort dal Salvan di Fusea, the WWI military complex with artillery emplacements on the Cuel Major which dominates the whole Tolmezzo valley, the Fusea dairy, the Mazzolini farm in Curiedi, the barns in Runchia, Uerpa, Pesmulet, Val, the dairy in Vinaio and the externally visible coalmine in Curiedi.

In Lauco you can visit the Permanent Exhibition of the Peasant Culture, which is dedicated to the milk processing cycle in the Lauco plateau and displays the results of an interesting historical-anthropological research conducted among the villages of the plateau.


August - Archeologic August, kids at the museum

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