Goat cheese in Alpine farms

The passion for goats is not new in Friuli, rather, it is the confirmation of an old tradition. The breeding of this hoofed animal has always had solid roots in Carnic Alps and recently has roused some renewed interest, with a growing number of lovers of delicious goat dairy products. A small amount of goat milk is usually added to the cauldron in order to give some typical undertones to the “Formadi di mont”. In some Alpine pastures the processing of pure goat milk has allowed ancient dairy traditions to be revived. Goat milk is particularly suitable for cheese-making. Its clotting is fragile but, if processed carefully, offers great satisfaction. Small caciotta cheeses can be found in their softer version (aged for 10-15 days), with a fresh, slightly sour and sweetly goaty taste, or as “formaggelle” with half-cooked paste, suitable for long-term aging, with stronger organoleptic characteristics, but never overly spicy.