The tools of the Alpine farmer

Climbing up to the Alpine farm means – for those who come from other social and economic milieus – diving into a different dimension of time, where every stage of work is not ticked by the frenzy of everyday life, but by the slow march of time according to the rhythms of nature. We feel free to roam the mountains, in search for new experiences and for something unusual to tell after going back to the valley. Exploring in order familiarize ourselves with our cultural roots and, in unexpected technological environments, to find the presence and the daily use of tools whose existence we did not even suspect. The “glove” (curd knife), the “ghitare” (stirrer), la “cjace forade” (perforated spoon), the “tabio” (pressing table) are only a few examples of traditional dairy equipment still widely used by the Alpine cheesemakers of our region. The “cjalderie dal formadi” (a hanging copper cauldron), the “musse” (a typical rotating frame), the “teles dal çuç” (cloths) and the “sachets da scuete” (the bags for the ricotta cheese) complete the indispensable equipment needed to process milk in Alpine farms. Spending one day on the Alps is not only a physical activity in itself, it is also an opportunity for approaching and understanding this world, a treasure of folk knowledge and wisdom to safeguard with respect and pride over time.